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Chapter 1044: Chapter 1044 The Consequences Of A Scumbag Woman’s Death Were Terrifying (VI)

After leaving the house and walking to the intersection in front, Chu Wuyou smiled and turned to the east.

Chu Ninger was stunned. She knew that the people her mother had arranged were all in the west. If Chu Wuyou took the east road, those people would not be able to catch Chu Wuyou.

Chu Ninger grabbed Chu Wuyou and pulled her to the west without any explanation. “Sister, let’s go this way. It’s easier to hail a taxi here.”

“No, I’ll go east.” Chu Wuyou used a little strength to pull free of her and wanted to continue walking towards the east.

Chu Ninger became anxious and pulled Chu Wuyou forward again. Chu Ninger realized that the CCTV cameras here could no longer capture her. She pulled Chu Wuyou forward a few steps and then forcefully pushed Chu Wuyou forward.

She wanted to push Chu Wuyou over and call for those people to catch Chu Wuyou.

However, Chu Wuyou turned her body and skillfully struggled free.

Chu Ninger had used too much force just now and could not stop for a moment. She rushed forward.

Chu Ninger originally wanted to call for people to catch Chu Wuyou, but after rushing forward, she could not stop her body and was about to fall. So for a moment, she did not have time to shout.

When she managed controlled her speed and was about to call for help, she suddenly heard Chu Wuyou’s shout.

“Chu Wuyou, don’t run. Let me tell you, my mother has already arranged everything tonight. She originally arranged for people to be in your room, but you didn’t return to your room, so you escaped. You definitely didn’t expect that my mother arranged for more people to be outside. This time, you definitely won’t be able to escape. Hurry up and catch Chu Wuyou. Don’t let her escape. If Chu Wuyou escapes, you won’t be able to get the money anymore.” Chu Wuyou was a criminal psychologist, by now, she had already roughly guessed everything.

At this moment, she had deliberately shouted this so that those people would think that Chu Ninger was her.

She had deliberately revealed Li Min’s plan so that those people would believe her.

If it was not Li Min’s daughter, how could she have known about Li Min’s plan.

At this moment, she had deliberately said it so clearly. Even if Chu Ninger revealed Li Min’s plan, the others would not believe it because of what had already been said.

Chu Wuyou knew that this was planned by Li Min and Chu Ninger. Today, she would let Chu Ninger taste the consequences for herself.

However, at this moment, Chu Wuyou also did not expect Li Min and Chu Zhijiang to be so ruthless and inhumane.

After Chu Wuyou shouted, Chu Ninger was directly stunned and did not recover from her shock for a moment.

When the people who were originally hiding in the surroundings heard Chu Wuyou’s words, they quickly rushed out and immediately surrounded Chu Ninge

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